Working with Logistics, we’ve operated eight extremely successful incentive reward group travel programs to Alaska. Logistics has been a trusted, consistent and valuable partner. The entire team is dedicated, detailed and like our team, unstoppable. Together we are able to provide our clients with successful, memorable and exciting travel programs.

~L. Owens

Congratulations! What incredible execution and a seemingly flawless program that you and your team operated. I know we challenged you at times with last minute changes… but you remained flexible and accommodating throughout! From beginning to end the enthusiasm and service we received from you and your team was terrific.
~ R. Elliot

The event layout was spot on, the atmosphere stellar and your staff was awesome.

~E. Perssen

EVERYONE LOVED IT!!!!!! We are so happy to have had the chance to celebrate in such a beautiful environment, and look forward to many more endeavors with Logistics LLC!!!! Awesome work everyone!!!
~ K. Garcia